Machine Quilting Services

Quilting is a traditional American Folkart.

Many quilters want to focus on the quilt top – designing the quilt, picking a theme or color scheme, choosing fabric, and piecing the blocks – while leaving the “quilting” (sandwiching the layers and embellishing the top with threaded designs) to others. Our machine quilting services are designed to address this need in the quilting community.

Traditional hand quilting can require as much as 500 hours to complete a single quilt.  Using a regular sewing machine can reduce the time requirement by a factor of ten, but the physical exertion and the skill required to “free-motion” a large quilt on a small machine present significant barriers to most.  The number of quilts the average person expects to construct seldom justifies the expense of a long-arm quilting machine.

That’s where our services enter the picture.  Our experience applied on our “made-for-quilting” machines simplifies your life.

Our services include:

  • Edge-to-edge meandering @ $0.02 per square inch
  • Pantograph or “groovy board” design @ $0.025 per square inch
  • Custom block quilting $500 minimum
  • Batting and binding are also available, as needed.

Jimmy and Nancy Quilt

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